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Working from Home: Three Online Tools to Stay Focused on Your Work

As technology develops more people will be working from home, but it’s easy to become distracted from your work. So, this article aims to look at some online tools you can use to maintain your focus at all times. Hopefully, the content here will allow more workers to stay focused to keep the economy growing.

1. FocusMe

FocusMe is a great little application you can download onto your computer, and there is an app available for your mobile phone as well. There is a small monthly charge, although you can buy a lifetime plan if you find it really useful. The app itself is advanced in what it can do, meaning you can set it up to suit your particular needs.

The central concept of FocusMe is to either limit or block the use of specific websites or apps. You can set-up multiple plans and choose to either block, time limit or limit the amount you can launch a particular site or app. You can even arrange it in such a way to schedule plans to operate at certain times. Stopping plans is as simple as entreating a selection of random characters, and you can make that easy or hard, depending on how tempted you are to stop it.

If you think you are going to want to block a lot of websites, you have the option to block the entire internet and simply allow the ones you need. There are also some other features, such as being able to schedule breaks and set a timer. Finally, the app can monitor the time you spend on specific websites to help you modify your behavior.

2. StayFocusd

StayFocusd operates as an extension you can add to your browser and is free to use. It works similarly to FocusMe but is not as advanced or rich in features. It doesn’t have plans, but you can select a range of sites to either allow or block. You can also set yourself a time limit so that you can allow yourself an hour for social media each day, for example.

In its default mode, it’s relatively easy to disable it because you can simply turn it off from your extension menu. However, if you think you may be susceptible to doing this, you have the option to add the extension page to your block list. You also have a nuclear option that will turn on StayFocusd for the time you select without the ability to cancel it; this can block the entire internet or work based on your block/allow list. Overall, the extension is a straightforward option for keeping you focused on your work.

3. Focus To-Do

The Focus To-Do app is a little different to the other two on this list. Its primary focus is not so much about blocking or limiting the use of websites but more like a digital organizer. The central concept here is to add tasks you need to accomplish, and it’s based on the Pomodoro Technique.

For those that don’t know, this is a technique where you spend 25 minutes on a task, and when the time runs out, you can take a five-minute break. The concept is to keep you focused by having short periods of work with regular breaks. So, the technique encourages you to split your work into smaller tasks to remain focused, and the breaks keep you fresh.

Focus To-Do aims to emulate this process by setting a timer of 25 minutes for each of your tasks. Obviously, this way of working isn’t suitable for everyone, but if you struggle to stay focused on your work, it may be worth a try. The application is another one that is simple to use and includes both a free plan and a low-cost premium one.

Working from home is likely to become more popular as technology means people can stay connected even when distance separates them. However, workers must remain as productive from home as they would be in an office. The apps featured here all offer value in staying organized and limiting your use of websites and apps. Give FocusMe, StayFocusd and Focus To-Do a try to find out which one works for you.

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