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Top Tri-Cities Food Trucks

Food trucks are a new cultural phenomenon that have taken communities all across the United States by storm. The Tri-Cities area of Northeast Tennessee is no exception, as food trucks are a common fixture in parking lots, festivals, farmers’ markets, and just about every other venue. 

Many may remember the only “food truck” used to be the revered Ice Cream Truck that wandered throughout neighborhoods in the summertime, playing carnival-type music and dispensing joy to area boys and girls. Now food trucks have gone mainstream, as these rolling kitchens serve up delectable treats of every stripe. 

Here are 1-Find’s Top Tri-Cities Food Trucks in no particular order. Visit their sites, check out their menus, and see where your favorite food truck is located today! 

Southern Flo’s 

No southern town is complete without a food truck serving good old-fashioned soul food. Southern Flo’s Food Truck is your source for premier chicken wings, potatoes, and sides. Plus, check out their specialty sandwiches or the Triple Threat SoFlo Bowl! Usually found in Downtown Johnson City, Southern Flo’s does travel about to Elizabethton and other Tri-Cities locations, so check out their Facebook page for daily locations and special menus. 

Trucky Cheese

Can anything be more comforting than a hot, gooey, grilled cheese sandwich? Trucky Cheese is the Tri-Cities’ first and only premiere gourmet grilled cheese truck, taking the traditional grilled cheese sandwich to an entirely new level of sophistication and taste. Enjoy a specialty sandwich or go big with a combo. These cheesy culinary masterpieces come with granny smith apples, fig jam, pulled pork, bacon, soup, and various types of delicious cheese. We recommend The Big South sandwich combo with soup or fries! Visit their Facebook page to discover where the cheesy goodness is happening today! 

Caribbean Grill 

For an exquisite taste of Puerto Rican, Jamaican, or Peruvian cuisine in the Tri-Cities, done to a turn by Caribbean natives who are pleased to share quality tastes that display their heritage, visit the Caribbean Grill Food Truck. Often parked at Mahoney’s Outdoor Outfitters in Johnson City, but moving about at times, this husband-and-wife, team-owned business delivers delicious dishes like the Cube Steak sandwich, PR Cuban sandwich, Peruvian Chicken Egg Roll, Beef Empanada, Jerk Crab Patty Sandwich, and a variety of platters with beans, rice, slaw, potato salad, or corn on the cob. Get a taste of the islands at Caribbean Grill today! 

Mimi’s Cookies N’ Creamery 

This family owned and operated new generation of ice cream food truck takes dessert pleasures to the next level! Mimi’s Cookies N’ Creamery serves up varying treats each day, including chocolate chip, lemon, red velvet, and “The 80,” which can be paired with delicious ice cream like cotton candy, cookies and cream, chocolate, cookie dough, and more. Visit their Facebook page for daily menus and locations. You can also contact them for bookings at your own events! 

Project Waffle 

Waffles are only the beginning when you visit the Project Waffle food truck. Not just for breakfast anymore, these waffle artists combine tender, crispy waffles with a variety of other dishes to make food masterpieces that are hard to beat. Try them with fruit, chili and cheese, mac and cheese, chicken, and more! Online ordering is available to save you time. Visit their Facebook page at the beginning of each week to learn their schedule and locations, and get your waffle on! 

Gypsy Road Eatery

Boasting their own unique burgers, ‘sammies,’ and street treats, the Gypsy Road Eatery food truck is a sure bet for finding something tasty, satisfying, and out of the ordinary. Plus, burgers and sammies can be upgraded to a salad for a healthier option. They also offer fresh-baked treats that include some Gluten-free choices. Try the loaded potatoes – and we mean LOADED – ‘fried’ potatoes topped w/house made chili, cheese, sour cream, jalapeños and sriracha! The Mini Banana Pudding Cheesecakes are a favorite street treat, but not gluten-free. Visit their Facebook page for locations and daily menus.  

Opie’s Pizza Wagon 

If you want delectable pizza on-the-go, then Opie’s Pizza Wagon is your choice. They feature delicious wood-fired pizza, fresh hand-tossed dough, and unique toppings and flavor combinations. And all on pizzas baked in just 90 seconds! The Angry Pig is a crowd favorite, with BBQ pork, pineapple, banana peppers, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Or if you want sweeter fare, the Apple Butter Surprise features apple butter (of course), mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, bacon, pecans, and a caramel drizzle. Visit their Facebook page and track down this food truck today! 


If you’re in the mood for something out of the ordinary, track down the Eshta food truck and experience a spread of unusual dishes – Egyptian street food! Snack bites, wraps, plates, and sweets are available to allow you a full culinary experience that is pyramids away from common street fare. Lamb, chicken, hand-cut fries, rice, fried cauliflower, and more make for a delicious, filling, and unique dining experience. Follow them on Facebook and get the day’s locations and serving times. 

Auntie Ruth’s Donuts 

An area favorite for years and keeping three different-sized food trucks busy throughout the Tri-Cities, Auntie Ruth’s Donuts serves their famous ginormous homemade (hot and gooey) doughnuts, soft pretzels, fresh squeezed lemonade, and fresh brewed sweet tea. Be prepared for an explosion of sweet goodness with these huge donuts made right before your eyes. Add fruit or toppings for an extra special treat. Try a hot pretzel with mustard, then a donut with fresh peaches (when available). Frequently located at The Donut Shop in Limestone, their trucks can also be found often at Lowe’s in Johnson City on Wednesdays and many other places throughout the week. Follow them on Facebook for daily times and locations. 

Fuego Taquito

Mexican food trucks may be popular, but none are as popular as Fuego Taquito. Their famed burrito bowls, flautas, and taquitos are sure crowd pleasers, with fresh-made tortillas, meats, and ingredients. And of course, no one can beat their loaded nachos! Don’t forget the fresh-made cake pops to top off your meal. Tasty and fresh with just the right amount of seasoning and spices, this food truck is a popular favorite wherever it stops. Check their Facebook page for specials and daily locations. Try the BBQ Nachos and Mexican Donuts! 

Share Your Favorite Tri-Cities Food Truck!

These ten area-based food trucks in the Tri-Cities of Northeast Tennessee are sure picks to please the palate and fill the belly with local, fresh, and exciting cuisine. If you live nearby or are visiting Johnson City, Jonesborough, Elizabethton, Mountain City, Erwin, Limestone, Piney Flats, Kingsport, Bristol, or Greeneville, look for these or other rolling restaurants to try. 

Is your favorite food truck listed here? Why not share your favorite food truck (and your favorite dish they serve) in the comments for others to enjoy?


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