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Spring Means Shopping in the Tri-Cities!

Although it is only March, we’ve had some warm days in the Tri-Cities of Northeast Tennessee, and that just makes everyone anxious for the full-blown days of Spring! Warmer weather typically means an increase in commerce across many industries.

Quite a bit of research over the years repeatedly shows that retail shopping takes a sharp rise in the Spring. Statista claims that 76% of Americans engage in household spring cleaning every year. This means an increase in buying cleaning products and home decor items. Plus, freshening up our homes also creates the impetus to refresh our wardrobes.

And here’s a boon for local businesses: in spite of the surge in online shopping, Consumers of all ages – including 62% of Baby Boomers and 58% of Gen Zers – still prefer buying from a physical store.

So get out there and enjoy the warmer weather by spending some cash!

Warm Weather Means New Summer Clothing

Of course, you can’t be caught wearing last season’s fashions, although many of your outfits from 2020 may not have been seen by anyone due to staying home more because of the coronavirus. Regardless, Spring is a time to break out and purchase some new sassy and trendy Summer clothing to show some skin, new tattoos, or just feel special.

Be on the lookout for Spring sales at many of your favorite clothing stores in March and April. It’s not too early to begin shopping the new styles for Easter and Summer vacations. Your email inbox will likely be flooded with coupons, discount offers, sale notices, and special deals for app users. Take advantage of these to get the best deals while shopping – and don’t forget to pay attention to the expiration dates!

Spring Cleaning and Home Improvements

Bix box home improvement stores claim that as much as 20% of their March-April sales is from the gardening department. As we clean out the inside, we also spruce up the outside, enjoying every bit of early-year sunshine that Mother Nature provides. It’s a good idea to consult with local gardening centers about the best times for planting various flowers, shrubs, and vegetables.

Spring is also prime time to tackle those home improvement or renovation projects. Being cooped up in the house all winter can sometimes make the walls feel as if they were closing in, and this can prompt new ideas for redoing the bathroom, kitchen, or adding a mudroom, activity room, or extra bedroom for guests. Shop the local businesses and get referrals from friends and family for reputable contractors that do high-quality work.

Outdoor Dining is Back

If you are like most of the rest of us, you’re tired of eating at home or picking up food at the curb. Restaurants have been open across Northeast Tennessee for some time, many at almost full capacity. But Spring brings out the outdoor tables and umbrellas for dining in the sunshine. This is prime time to enjoy the outdoors and a better dining experience with loved ones.

Dining outdoors provides fresh air and a better environment all around. Check local restaurant websites for outdoor dining options and when their respective dining areas will be opening. East TN is known to have plenty of warm, sunny days in March that are perfect for outdoor dining and gathering with friends.

Spring Always Means New Beginnings

Spring traditionally symbolizes new beginnings as the new flowers bloom and the first shoots of grass and tree buds begin to materialize. If 2020 was rough for you, Spring can be a time of renewal and redirection. The pandemic and all of its repercussions have affected everyone in some way. Our loved ones are dearer than ever. Our freedom is more precious. Our health shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Spring means reopening – of ourselves, our lives, our homes, our local businesses, and our minds. Johnson City, Jonesborough, and the surrounding communities are filled with opportunities for shopping, dining, improving our homes, and building a better life for tomorrow. Get out and explore our local area. Bring your wallet. Invest in our local businesses and experience a side of Northeast Tennessee that you may not have realized even exists. I dare you!

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